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Roadmap and Whitepaper

Updated Whitepaper



Current Roadmap


For more information check out the Genesis Ape FAQ

Genesis Mint and Gamester NFT AMA

BAS x Metaverse Community AMA


Useful Links



BAS Homepage

Block Ape Scissors Webpage

BAS Marketplace

Buy and sell Gamesters and Genesis Apes from the official BAS Marketplace

Gamester Farm (DAPP)

The Dapp
The central location for anything Gamester Related.

Assign and track Champions
Claim rewards
View your collection
LP farm
Transfer tokens tax free
Transfer NFT ownership
Check Rarity

BAS Genesis Mint Dapp

Home to all your Genesis needs. Mint, breed and upgrade your Genesis Apes

BAS Beta Game Page

Block Ape Scissors Beta Page

Gamester NFT Marketplace on PancakeSwap

Official PancakeSwap Marketplace for Gamester Apes

BAS Monthly Updates