Gamester NFT FAQ

Gamester Ape #668 with the following attributes: (Gender: Male, Background: Dark Essence, Body: Scars, Upper: Black Benjamin Franklin, Lower: Angry, Head: Ruffled, Ear: Bone Gold Industrial and Lobe)

What is a Gamester NFT?

A Gamester NFT is the innovative utility NFT created by the Block Ape Scissors (BAS) team for the BAS ecosystem. All attributes for Gamesters have been coded on-chain. On-chain attributes will be smart contract targetable, meaning you will be able to ‘interact’ with smart contracts that can directly read information from your NFT.

How Large is the Collection?

10,000 and there will only ever be 10,000 Gamester NFTs minted.

What is the Gamester Contract Address?

Gamester NFT contract address: 0x4bd2a30435e6624CcDee4C60229250A84a2E4cD6

When was the Mint?

Gamester NFT mint date: 12 November 2021

What is the Official Marketplace for Gamester Apes?

BAS has released our own Marketplace app for trading BAS NFTs, including Gamester Apes and Genesis Apes. BAS Marketplace

On Friday, 10 December 2021, BAS partnered with PancakeSwap (PCS) to list the Gamester NFTs as the Official Gamester NFT Marketplace. Gamester NFTs have seen a trade volume of over 2,578 BNB worth of NFTs. This amazing demand has seen the Gamester NFTs rise to the top 3 (and top non-PancakeSwap collection) on PancakeSwap Marketplace in rapid time.

Official BAS Marketplace: BAS Marketplace
Gamester Collection on PancakeSwap: 🥞 PancakeSwap - A next evolution DeFi exchange on BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

What Utility Do Gamester Apes Have?

  • Ability to earn during Beta

  • Access to mint through Genesis Mint and future mints

  • Reduced minting costs for in-game NFTs (Will be based on 3 randomized attributes. Background, gender and 1 random attribute)

  • Discounts on NFTs released through the launchpad

  • Access to exclusive Metaverse Adventure

  • Can be staked in tribes to earn a share of total earnings

What Attributes Do Gamester Apes Have?

Gamester Apes have 7 different attribute slots: Gender, Background, Body, Upper, Lower, Head, Ear

What are the Escrow Addresses (Gamester Farm/PancakeSwap Marketplace)?

BAS Beta Escrow: 0xc6057D7406Bb40C1642aa803c1EBeaaf981bbEd5 [BSC Scan]
PancakeSwap Escrow: 0x17539cca21c7933df5c980172d22659b8c345c5a [BSCscan]