BAS Game (Genesis) FAQ

Genesis mode is an extension of God Mode using the same phases, but now your Genesis Ape stats modify the game in a variety of ways
God Mode Guide: BAS Game (God Mode) FAQ

What's New? 

  1. Starting health pool goes from 10 all the way to 100 in Genesis mode and all damage has been increased as well.   

  2. Health potions heal way more, so use them strategically 

  3. The ability to crit your opponent for major damage as well as defend all incoming damage 

  4. Stats modify everything from starting health pool size, damage done with throws, and your chance at hitting a massive critical blow or providing a life-saving defend!

Stat Modifiers 

Stamina - The Stamina stat increases your starting health pool

Strength - The Strength stat increases damage done with ROCK throws

Intelligence - The Intelligence stat increases damage done with PAPER throws 

Agility - The Agility stat increases damage done with SCISSOR throws 

Luck - The Luck stat increases your chance to land a critical blow or defend 

How Modifiers are Determined 

In order to keep things relatively fair until we have a tier system based on level, modifiers are determined using a formula that is based on relativity to the highest stat