Genesis Apes In-Depth

Want to get into the BAS Earniverse?  Well you’ve come to the right place!  Here you will learn how to acquire your very own Genesis Ape.  

What is a Genesis Ape?

Genesis Apes are your upgradable in-game characters to use within the various games within the BAS Earniverse!  Using banana tokens earned through gameplay players will be able level-up their characters.  Doing this will allow players to increase the Genesis Apes stats as well as traits.  

As Genesis Apes get leveled up, they will also change in age.  Levels 1-50 will be baby Genesis Apes, 51-100 will be adult Genesis Apes and levels 101-150 will be elder Genesis Apes.

Stats/Traits Explained


At the time of mint, 50 stat points are randomly (using Chainlink VRF) distributed among the 5 stat categories.  These 5 stats are as follows.

  • Stamina (Health)

  • Strength

  • Intelligence

  • Agility

  • Luck

These stats will be leveraged throughout the Earniverse in various ways through gameplay.  Whether its a larger pool of health or a higher chance to hit a critical blow, the higher the level of your Ape, the more points you will have to spend on creating a mighty King of the Jungle.


At the time of mint 3 traits will be randomly assigned to your baby Genesis Ape from the pool listed below.

Upon reaching adulthood, players will be able to select a 4th trait to add and when Apes reach Elderhood, a 5th trait can be added.  (Elder traits to be announced at a later date)

  • Problem Solving

  • Daredevil

  • Charisma

  • Inventor

  • Leadership

  • Memory

  • Survivor

  • Nobility

  • Crafting

  • Psychopath

  • Prospecting

  • Instinct

These traits will have some effect within the games in the BAS Earniverse.  Whether it be adding special abilities or modifying stats within a game, traits will become a vital part of ape builds for specific games.  (Note: Not every trait will apply to every game.)

How to Mint a Genesis Ape

  1. First step, you will need to own a Gamester Ape that still has mints available.
    (Guide on how to check the amount of mints left: How to Check how many mints a Gamester Ape has)

  2. Head to the BAS dapp at and connect your wallet.

  3. Click the button that says Genesis Mint

  4. The Gamester Apes in your wallet will be visible.  Locate the one you want to use to mint, enter how many you want to mint and click the yellow mint button.  (Genesis Mint field shows how many you have used on that ape.  In the example, the first one has used both mints.  The second one has used 0 out of 3)

  5. Confirm all transactions through metamask.

  6. Minted apes will be visible in the Apes tab.