Champion FAQ

(Note: In order to participate all players need to own a Genesis Ape, which can be minted from a Gamester Ape or available in the BAS Marketplace.)
Players who own a Gamester ape have the ability to champion players through the BAS Dapp.

If you want to mint your own, make sure to follow these guides
How to Check if a Gamester has Genesis Mints
Genesis Apes In-Depth FAQ (How to mint is at the bottom)

How will the Champion System Work?

Champions will win 100% more bananas as a champion than they would have without being a champion.  Of that additional 100%, the champion keeps 25% and the Gamester owner receives 75%.  
If x is what a player will earn by default in a game, a Champion wins (x+.25x) and the Gamester owner receives .75x)

Example (all figures are PURELY for example purposes only)

Non-Championed Player- Upon winning, the player would win 1000 bananas
Championed- Upon winning, the player would win 2000 bananas

  • Would keep the initial 1000 bananas

  • Would also keep 25% of the additional 1000 bananas for a total of 1250 bananas

  • Gamester holder would receive 75% of the additional 1000 bananas for a total of 750 bananas

How is the amount of bananas calculated?

The level of the Genesis Ape being used as well as the amount of BAS a player holds will also determine the multiplier on how many bananas are won by winning games.  This multiplier will be displayed within the BAS Dapp.  The more BAS held, the higher the number of bananas that are won.
The method of determining the multiplier is based on two different formulae.  The first calculates the multiplier based on the level of the Genesis Ape.  The second is a logarithmic function that takes the base multiplier from the level and factors in the amount of BAS the player holds.

(Note:  The amount of BAS held by the Gamester owner has nothing to do with the multiplier of a champion.  Only the amount held in the wallet that is using the Genesis Ape will count)