How to Import Gamester NFTs to MetaMask

MetaMask for Web Browser

Here is the simple way to import your Gamester Apes to your web browser MetaMask. This will allow you to import the token count you have. There is currently no support to view your NFTs (of any type) on this version of MetaMask.

1.) First open up your Metamask and scroll down to the bottom and locate the link for Import Tokens

2.) At the next screen enter the contract address for the Gamester Apes.
Contract: 0x4bd2a30435e6624ccdee4c60229250a84a2e4cd6
The field for Token Symbol will autofill to BASC
In the field for decimals, enter 0 because this is a token, not a currency and therefore has no decimal places
Then click Add Custom Token

3.) At the next screen click Import Tokens and thats it! Your APEs can now be seen under your assets.

Mobile MetaMask

If you want to see your NFTs individually, you need to use the mobile version of MetaMask.

1.) First, add the token the same way as listed above. Make sure you are under “Tokens”, scroll down and click Import Tokens and follow the few steps from above.
Contract Address for Gamester Apes: 0x4bd2a30435e6624ccdee4c60229250a84a2e4cd6

2.) Now that you can see the amount of Gamesters you have, we can import your individual NFTs. You will need the Token ID of your Gamesters for this step. The easiest way is head to and connect your wallet. Here, all Gamesters will be displayed, along with their Token ID

3.) Once you have all of the Token IDs, go back to MetaMask and head to the NFTs tab and at the bottom click Import NFTs.

4.) Enter in the Gamester Ape Contract Address (0x4bd2a30435e6624ccdee4c60229250a84a2e4cd6) and in the ID section, enter in one of your Token IDs and click Import. This will create a section called BascCollectable and list the first NFT. All NFTs must be added manually. Continue this procedure until all of your Token IDs have been entered.