How to Import Your Wallet Address From TrustWallet to MetaMask

Sometimes, you will run into situations where you will need to go through something other than TrustWallet for a transaction.  This is where MetaMask comes in.  MetaMask acts as a second access point to your TrustWallet address.   You are not creating a new wallet.  You are giving yourself another way to interact with your existing TrustWallet.

In this guide, you will be dealing with your secret recovery phrase from TrustWallet.  This phrase is never to be given to someone claiming to want to help you.  This phrase is used to recover an account in a situation where the device it is stored on is lost or broken and should be kept confidential at all times.  MetaMask is one of the few valid places where it is safe to do so.

Finding Secret Recovery Phrase

(All images show are on for Android, but IOS should work the same way)

  1. Download MetaMask App from Google Play or Apple App Store

  2. Open Trust Wallet app and find the settings wheel at the bottom of the page

3. In settings, select Wallets and then the 3 dots next to the correct wallet.


4. Click Show recovery phrase, read the following screen and click the box at the bottom.  From there you can hit copy to copy the words or view QR code.

Using Recovery Phrase to connect with MetaMask

Open Up MetaMask and make sure to select Import Using Recovery Phrase.

Paste your Recovery Phrase in the appropriate box and add a password.  This password will be used to access MetaMask on your phone.  

Your account should be set up now, you will see your address at the top, but you will not be on the Binance Smart Chain.  This next part is easy.

Adding Binance Smart Chain to list of Networks in MetaMask

When MetaMask is open, open menu in top left corner (3 lines)

Select Settings, and scroll down to Networks

Add Network at the bottom

Enter in the following information


You now have access to your Trust Wallet account via MetaMask!