How to add BAS to Trustwallet and Metamask


Open TrustWallet and navigate to the option in the top right of the app

Scroll down and locate the option titled “Add Custom Token” and select that

At the following screen, it is important that you set the network to “Smart Chain”

Contract Address: 0x8ddeec6b677c7c552c9f3563b99e4ff90b862ebc
Name: Block Ape Scissors
Symbol: BAS
Decimals: 18

After this, hit DONE at the top right corner to finish adding BAS to TrustWallet


Open MetaMask, Click on Assets and scroll down and click Import Tokens

At the next screen, you will be prompted to add the contract address
Contract Address: 0x8ddeec6b677c7c552c9f3563b99e4ff90b862ebc
Token Symbol: BAS
Token Decimal: 18

Click Add Custom Token to have BAS added to MetaMask