How to Identify a Legitimate Gamester Ape

Our official Marketplace is: Gamester Apes on PancakeSwap Marketplace

While we have our official marketplace on PancakeSwap, there are other sites that host our Gamester NFTs. While we strongly caution against purchasing from anywhere other than PancakeSwap, if you come across our collection on other sites, these are the important things to look for to ensure you are purchasing a legitimate Gamester Ape.

First you need to check the mint date. Gamester Apes were minted on November 12, 2021-November 13, 2021. Any dates other than this, is a forgery. Below is an example of a fake listing, as the date is not within the minting window. Notice, there are also reports of fraud for this particular listing

November 12 -13 2021 are the only legitimate mint dates.

Second, when you scroll down, check Blockchain details for contract address information and that token IDs match as well. Below is an example of a legitimate listing. Notice Token IDs match each other and the Contract Address is correct.

The only proper contract address is: 0x4bd2a30435e6624CcDee4C60229250A84a2E4cD6

Contract Address, Token ID and Attribute description are key to detecting fakes.

Attribute data will be shown on legitimate Gamesters, and will not for fakes.

So while we really would prefer investors to use the officially verified BAS Marketplace on PancakeSwap, as long as the contract address matches: 0x4bd2a30435e6624CcDee4C60229250A84a2E4cD6 and the Token IDs are the same, you can feel confident you are purchasing a legitimate Gamester.