Genesis Ape Mint FAQ

What is the Genesis Mint?

The Genesis Mint will be the source of the first in-game Ape characters to use within the BAS Ecosystem.

How Will the Mint Work?

Players will be able to utilize their Gamester NFTs for Genesis minting, as each Gamester will allow a player to mint a set number of Apes. If the Gamester NFT is sold, the Genesis Ape minting status will be retained. The minting status can be viewed on the BAS App here Genesis Mint - Block Ape Scissors Laboratory.

How Many Apes Can I Mint with My Gamester?

The amount of Apes that can be minted is determined by the rarity of the Gamester being used.

When Will the Genesis Mint Begin?

The Genesis mint began at the end of April, 2022. It will continue indefinitely.

Will I need BAS to Mint?

Minting will only cost gas fees, plus the cost to call Chainlink VRF. The BAS token will not be needed in order to mint

Why is Chainlink VRF needed?

Ape characters will have attributes that can be leveled up. During the mint Apes will be minted with randomized attributes and genders.

Genesis Apes, Explained

Apes will be minted as baby Apes and through the use of Banana Tokens, these in-game characters can be leveled up from Baby Ape to Adult Ape and eventually to Elder Ape. Genesis Apes will be upgradable, augmentable, and tradable Character Ape NFTs that will act as your in-game avatar which can be equipped with NFT items (gear) and accessories. These Apes can also breed additional Apes with the use of Merry Berry Juice.

Will in-game NFTs (Apes, Sets, Items, etc.) be tradeable on the BAS NFT Marketplace?

Yes. All of these will be tradable on the Marketplace.