How to Farm the BAS token

How To Farm

(This guide assumes you have already purchased BAS and have tokens and BNB in your wallet. Also, you should not even be considering LP farming until you have read up and learned about Impermanent Loss)

Unlike staking pools, farms are always open

Farming is a bit more complicated than staking, but only because there are more steps, all of which are pretty simple by themselves. At the end, I will also explain how to exchange your LP tokens back into your initially deposited assets.

Exchanging Assets for LP tokens

To begin, navigate to PancakeSwap. Instead of having Swap highlighted, click Liquidity

At this point, you will need to provide the assets (tokens) to receive your LP tokens. PancakeSwap uses a 1 to 1 ratio in value between BAS and BNB. The rate of the value of BNB to BAS will fluctuate, and will be displayed for you to see.

For your first asset, select either BNB or BAS and the second asset being the other. Now, you will need to decide how much liquidity you want to provide. If you choose to provide 1 BNB worth of liquidity, enter .5 BNB and the equivalent amount of BAS will autofill for you.

You will now see how much of the pool liquidity you will be providing with these tokens and the button at the bottom will now say supply. Click that button and approve all Metamask transactions.

After a short time, your tokens will appear in the section below.

Depositing LP Tokens Into Farms

So now you’ve got yourself some shiny new LP tokens, head over to

You will be prompted to connect your wallet using Metamask.

Due to the fact that farming is always available, the return rate is shown as APR% (Annual Percentage Rate). Enter in the amount of LP tokens you would like to farm with (or hit Max to use all of them). Click deposit to vault, approve all Metamask transactions. After a few moments, you will see the amount of tokens you deposited appear in the Vault section.

Pending amount at the bottom represents the amount of BAS tokens you have earned as a reward for providing liquidity. You can harvest those whenever you wish.

Removing Tokens From Vault (Farms) and Exchanging for Assets

What if you wanted to remove your liquidity for any particular reason? That is just as simple. Return to the LP-Farming page and make sure your wallet is connected. Move down to the area titled Vault, enter the amount of LP tokens you would like to remove from the farm and click Withdraw to Wallet. Approve all Metamask transaction requests. After a few moments, the amount of LP tokens will be reflected on screen.

Head back to the liquidity portion of PancakeSwap. The liquidity pair for the tokens you are holding will be there for you to select. Click on that, and then Remove. At this point, you can select what percentage of your LP tokens you want to exchange for your original assets. Enable if you haven’t already and then click remove.


Congratulations. You have learned how to exchange assets for liquidity, add them to a farm and how to receive your assets back!