BAS x Pixelcoin AMA Review


Coin of the week AMA Hosted by Pixlcoin April 11 2022


BAS is a Metaverse project providing a player owned economy with diverse and sustainable NFT and token reward ecosystem.

  • Binance Labs have incubated and invested into the BAS project.

  • Series A fundraising being put together over the next month or so.

  • In house development currently focusing on 3 to 4 games.

  • 27 full time staff plus community Moderators.

  • Looking to help the community with education and consumer/fraud protection.

  • There has been a large focus on compliance

  • Developing back-end infrastructure to support games (wallets, custody, IBM partnership) to support web2 and web3 gaming.

  • Focus to create multi teared levelling for a sustainable economic model.

  • IBM R&D developing cutting edge tech for BAS use to secure NFTs

Q: If an external company with an NFT and not sure what to do with it approaches BAS, what can BAS offer that company and how does that benefit BAS holders


  • Plan is to bring external assets in and provide them utility by providing bonuses as an in-game modifier supporting an open metaverse.

  • With NFT launchpad BAS can assist early-stage projects to develop NFT product, support with game integration, NFT sale execution, and Smart contract code development and to integrate them into the BAS game ecosystem.

Q: How simple and how quickly can a new player enter the bas ecosystem and play the game


  • Currently game in Beta, web based and requires Metamask.

  • The Aim is to make the access better for non-crypto native users by allowing users to sign in by email and password then auto generate the user wallet.

  • Looking at Implementing gasless transactions to limit wallet and Metamask popups.

  • working toward a single point user experience with a launcher that allows user to interact with the ecosystem without the need to understand how a crypto wallet works.

  • A part of the solution is cold wallets being created by IBM.

  • BAS amount required to mint/provide collateral for NFT will be regulated so mint price remains steady as BAS token price changes. This will keep price of entry stable and accessible for new users into the future.

Q: What part of BAS future plan excites you the most and sets BAS apart from other projects


  • The multiple utility cases of the BAS token with benefits for simply holding the token, through to minting NFTs, early access to marketplace sales, bas staking for tribes and looking to implement a type of season pass for bas holders.

  • A wide variety of games Incorporating multiple assets being represented in their own style.

  • Brand positioning within the games that will help to fund the P2E economy and allows flexibility to incentivize the community.

  • The ecosystem supports a broad range of interests and will come together to support and create a compound network effect providing opportunities for everyone from hardcore gamers to investors guilds and tribes.

Q: What is the timeline for the Genesis mint

Mint on target for Planned release at the end of April, with an article explaining the genesis mint to be released soon.