Block Ape Scissors is committed to building the most diverse and advanced Play to Earn ecosystem available. Offering Metaverse interactive games developed in-house along with our partner providers as part of our Earniverse with smart contract targetable NFTs that are upgradeable, augmentable, leasable and tradeable.


Block Ape Scissors - Officially it is 3 separate words

dApp - Decentralised App

Gamester NFT - Original 10,000 minted NFTs

Ape NFT - In game NFT character

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Whitepaper: Block Ape Scissors Whitepaper
Dapp site: BAS Dapp
Dapp Guide: Dapp Guide

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Marketplace: PancakeSwap
NFT Marketplace: PancakeSwap
Additional Marketplace: Purchase on Flooz

Contract Address:  0x8ddeec6b677c7c552c9f3563b99e4ff90b862ebc
MasterChef Address: 0x53c9f39b4e8f6602040191b322dd1b9cba59b7c6 
Slippage: 6%
Launch: June 24, 2021
Total BAS Supply: 100,000,000

Accepted into the Binance Labs Incubation Program for Season 3

Partnerships/Incubation Program


Business, ESA Solution and Tech partnership with IBM

Using FIPS 140–2 Level 4 Hardware Security Modules

BAS has been given the green light to begin developing the first “Metaverse Wallet” (BAS / IBM Solutions co-branded hybrid hot and cold wallet which is interchangeable with enterprise security and custody)

BAS has been positioned as a gateway organization for new projects and teams looking to leverage the IBM Enterprise stack

Exclusive decentralised oracle provider

Chainlink VRF Within Our Yield Farms

Chainlink VRF for Minting Provably Random Lootboxes

Expect to utilize Chainlink Keepers to automate key smart contract functions and the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to bridge our play-to-earn game to a multitude of leading blockchains

Binance Labs Incubation Program

8 week intensive program aimed at maximizing the growth experience for all our team members and collaborate with Binance and their network of resources and pioneers to vet, refine and polish our models for market readiness

Offers seed funding to selected projects along with custom delivered programs to assist with technical delivery, mentorship, networking opportunities, resourcing and subject matter expertise required to develop the project vision into a commercially viable model

Previous projects in Binance Labs Incubation Program: Axie, Polygon, Cere, Injective Protocol, Perpetual Protocol


Retro Apes

Very limited run of 50 specifically designed 8-bit style Apes given to staff, select partners and contest winners.

NFT 2.0 - Gamester Apes

Minted: (November 12, 2021-November 13, 2021)

Mint Price: .33 BNB

Gamester Contract: 0x4bd2a30435e6624ccdee4c60229250a84a2e4cd6

Collection Total: 10,000

Attribute slots: Gender, Outfit layer, Head layer, Bottom Facial, Upper Facial, Ear, Background

Entirely randomized using Chainlink VRF

Official Marketplace: Gamester Apes on PancakeSwap Marketplace

Additional Marketplace: Purchase on LootEx

Gamester Resources Attribute list: Gamester Attribute Database

Medium on Utility: Gamesters: Tech, Utility and Roadmap

Gamester and Genesis Mint FAQ: Gamester and Genesis Mint FAQ

NFT 3.0 - (Coming early 2022)

3D accessories that can be equipped in game

Multi-piece accessory sets that have set bonuses for equipping all parts

Augmentable and Upgradable

Earned in LootBoxes (LBs)

Block Ape Scissors

Game Details

Rock Paper Scissors / Texas Hold’em style gameplay

1v1 modes as well as Tournament Mode

Power Moves: Alpha, Wild

Variations: God Mode - God Mode Basics FAQ


Beta Address:

Gamesters can be deposited within a beta rewards farm contract, where testers are rewarded whilst they play.

Champion model:  You can lease out your NFTs to players without an NFT.  Earnings are split between the NFT holder and their Champion.  Only one Champion per NFT

All Beta games will also be playable by non gamester champions who will not be able to earn through the game.

Beta v1.2 Requirements: Gamester NFT holders need to deposit 2,000 BAS per Gamester deposited into farm

Current Rewards: 120 BAS split 75% / 25% (90 BAS to NFT Holder, 30 BAS to Champion)

How To Buy
How to Farm with BAS tokens
Importing from TrustWallet to MetaMask
How to add BAS to TrustWallet and MetaMask
How to manually add Gamester NFTs to wallet
How to identify a legitimate Gamester

Foreign Language Information

Spanish Dapp Guide (Spanish)
Polish BAS Roadmap (Polish)
Tagalog How to Buy BAS (Tagalog)

How to add BAS to Trustwallet and Metamask (Tagalog)
How to farm with BAS tokens (Tagalog)
How to manually add Gamester NFTS to wallet (Tagalog)

Japanese / Chinese Whitepaper (Link to to discord channel)