BAS X Crypto Legends AMA Summary

0:50: Introductions 

  • Matt Hutchins: Founder of Block Ape Scissors with a corporate background in technology, specifically with infrastructure, data centers, scaling out original domain technology 

  • Became a level 3 project lead, transitioned into project management where his last corporate experience was as head of a technology company, leading million dollar projects for billion dollar organizations and multinationals. 

  • Decided he was happy to move on from autocratic structures to meritocracy 


2:56 Block Ape Scissors Beta 

  • Testing the mechanics of the original BAS game 

  • Matt explains that the original vision for BAS was a blend between Rock Paper Scissors and Poker in a tabletop gambling game 

  • Along the BAS journey it was realized that through legality and compliance, this could not be done without significant gambling and gaming licenses 

  • Current beta is a number of different PVP modes based on BAS' original ape models which can be found in the Genesis Trailer 

  • Beta will be used to test other game modes in development, such as metaverse adventures, PVE and Tournament modes, Dungeon Run, Tower Defense 

  • Dungeon Run will have mechanics and concepts from Divinity, Diablo 2/3, Magicka, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition 

  • Dungeon Run will be cooperative: To get the highest levels of victory/rewards/earning you must work together and rely on each other's talents to maximize your damage output 

  • Many previous AAA game developers are working for BAS  

  • Tower Defense will be similar to Clash of Clans/Kingdom Rush with NFT integrations 

  • BAS looking at working on a Tavern based game similar to Overcooked, or something more jungle themed with flora and fauna and how homeostasis and ecosystem can be gamified 

  • 2D fighting game to be developed similar to Street Fighter 

  • All drops whether Beta or Full Release will harness the Gamester or Genesis Apes, allowing utility and interoperability to produce tokens to upgrade NFTs within the ecosystem 


9:01: Why is BAS creating their own Metaverse and what are the benefits compared to others? 

  • Matt came up with the idea for BAS in 2018, which took shape in 2021 around the same time as P2E and the Metaverse started to take shape 

  • Through discovery, it was realized that there was no other project doing exactly what BAS wanted to do 

  • Matt lists many things that need to come together to make a project like this work including: 

    • A strong technology provider that gives guidance, practices and R&D which IBM has provided BAS. BAS has direct access to IBM's R&D department and code, among other things 

    • Building your own metaverse rather than just taking a 'cookie cutter' approach. Rather than having a simple avatar/SDK system, BAS is creating an entire universe with rich and deep, meaningful backstories, with lore that has easily identifiable and has a similar depth to universes such as Marvel, Star Wars and Avatar. This fuels the intention, reasoning and purpose for the games within the ecosystem 

    • BAS' Ape NFTs will have variable stats that you can upgrade in certain areas for various reasons, potentially creating a portfolio of apes that can be leveraged in different ways with a stylized representation that is individual to each game. This is something that no other project is doing from Matt's awareness 

  • BAS is looking to replicate the success of pop culture and how it can deliver this in the metaverse. 

  • Matt mentions that BAS has gone on a hiring spree of game developers, including: 

    • Former art director for Legend of Spyro 

    • Former Senior Technical Artist for Gears of War 4 

    • Matt mentions these developers have built Star Wars games. Other hired positions include character artists, concept artists, modelers, riggers, texture artists, shading artists, game coders, net coders, unity and unreal engine developers, animators, videographers 

    • A writer who has worked extensively in theater, helping BAS copyright and shape the narrative of BAS lore 

  • The aggregation of this eliminates every potential risk so that BAS can build something that is as nearest to its vision for the people that deserve it 

  • There currently is no projects out there where you can leverage your tokens and have an experience that tells the story about the community that's representing them 

  • Many projects have NFT's with zero utility 

  • BAS is looking to develop something incredibly fun, inclusive and interactive with an element of P2E  

  • BAS has had recent discussions based around haptics, headsets, Holographics and smart glasses and how they can interplay into a metaverse experience 

  • BAS is looking to build something so profound that it will drive an entirely new way for people to interact with each other within an immersive experience that takes shape completely of its own volition 


20:26 Future Directions: AR/VR  

  • Matt explains that these accesses and interfaces will be the glue of the metaverse 

  • BAS is excited about the potential for haptics – micro vibrations and force resistance where you can feel the textures, stiffness and weight of things. BAS wants to improve on current AR/VR that is available to include these things 

  • Matt explains that this type of technology fits in a variety of games but this requires a huge amount of coding and testing 

  • BAS is looking at companies that are developing gloves and full body suits with this technology 

  • These games need to be developed initially, and this technology then needs to be built on top of it. 

  • Mass adoption is what BAS is looking for, but a number of steps are needed to get there including education 


25:05 BAS NFT Launchpad 

  • Different from other launchpads because of consulting and working with other projects 

  • BAS NFTs are different as they have all the data inside the NFT rather than off-chain 

    • Uses Chainlink VRF rather than having the metadata layer sitting on IPFS 

    • Makes the NFT completely targetable at attribute level by smart contracts 

    • Allows NFTs to be more valuable over time 

  • BAS takes this technology and implements it for other projects for a roadmap and revision based on what other projects want to do, working with these projects on a consultant basis to deliver what they want plus integration with the BAS metaverse 

  • NFT Launchpad will be launched very soon 

  • Those holding a BAS 'Gamester' NFT will get whitelisting and mint privileges for these NFTs 

  • Gamesters will also allow you to partake in BAS upcoming Genesis Mint, which are the ape characters that are usable throughout the entire BAS ecosystem 


28:26 Additional

  • BAS team vested tokens along with Binance Labs tokens are locked for the next 4 and a half years and Matt is planning to stick around for a very long time.