BAS WebApp Guide

The Genesis Mint Lab will be the central place for all of your Genesis minting and breeding needs. This dapp will allow you to view all your minted characters, level them up with bananas, assign stat and trait points as well as view how many mints are left on your Gamester Apes, access breeding pods, view the quantity of various in-game tokens you own and view the BAS lore.

Head to: and make sure to connect your wallet.

This guide will give you an understanding of exactly what you can do and how.

Make note that in the upper right is a count of the in-game tokens you currently own.

Genesis Mint

The section everyone has been waiting for! Once your wallet has been connected, all of your Gamester Apes will appear here. Each will show the Token ID, the rarity and the amount of mints left on that particular Gamester. Minting a Genesis Ape will be as simple as clicking the up arrow on the right side of the field above the Mint button to select how many you want to mint and click the mint button. Only gas will need to be paid. That's it! Now time to see your ape babies!


In this section, you will be able to see all of the Apes you have minted through the Genesis mint or Apes that you have bred. Each Ape will show its unique ID number as well as their age (Baby, Adult or Elder) and will have a button to Check Details.

Clicking that button will bring you to the area in which you will be able to manage the different aspects of that character. At the top left, your characters current level is displayed and this is where you will be able to use your earned bananas to increase your character level. To do this, simply click level up and your bananas will be consumed. It is possible, as long as you have enough bananas, to level up multiple levels in a single transaction. Only bananas needed for a full level will be consumed. (Example: You have 99 bananas but the next level needs 100 for the level. You will need to wait until you have 100. There are no partial levels)

As your character level increases, you will receive skill points (3 skill points every 5 levels) and trait points (2 trait points every 10 levels) and will be able to spend those points in this same section of the dapp using the same method as character levels. Multiple skill points can be spent in a single transaction.

Laboratory (to be released in the future)

This is the section of the dapp that will allow you to breed your adult apes. After breeding, you will have a new baby ape. In order to breed, you need both a male and a female level 50 or over (but under 100) and some Merry Berry Juice, as well as a pod. 

The first step is to select a male adult Genesis Ape from your inventory to place in one chamber and female adult Genesis Ape from your inventory to place in the other chamber and insert your Merry Berry Juice.  

Next the player will select the pod they wish to use for breeding. Each pod will cost roughly $5 USD and will be a single use. The various pods guarantee you will breed a specific type of baby.

Pod types

  • There will be a generic pod that will give you an entirely random ape using Chainlink VRF.

  • Male / Female pods will guarantee you a baby with the gender of your choice.

  • There will also be pods for specific base stats. These will be used to ensure a baby is born with a focus on a singular trait. The stat pods are Luck, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina and Strength. So if you are looking for a baby that has very high luck, you would want to use a Luck pod as the Luck stat will be favored in the distribution of the initial 50 stat points all babies are given at birth.


What secrets will be found here? Only time will tell.