How to Check if a Gamester has Genesis Mints

Easy Method

If you find a Gamester on Pancakeswap or other NFT site and want to know whether or not there are Genesis Mints left on it, BAS has made it simple.

First head to
Locate the search field, enter in the Token ID # of the Gamester you want to purchase and click the magnifying glass
The appropriate Gamester will appear and display how many mints are left on that NFT.

Advanced Method using BSC Scan

Here’s a quick guide to check if a Gamester has been used for Genesis Mint on BSC Scan.

First we simply take one example using the most recent Gamester listed on PancakeSwap:

That would be Gamester #3163, so we add that number at the end of this BSC Scan link, like this:

Here we’ll find information about Transfers of this Gamester. First, make sure there’s no recent transfer of this Gamester from one wallet to another just in case the owner didn’t mint using wallet N°1 and then transferred the Gamester to wallet N°2. If that is the case and it’s very rare, you’ll have to check every wallet.

From this example we can see there’s only recent Transfers to the Champion deposit system except the most recent one:

Here we can see this Transfer was used to list the Gamester on PancakeSwap:

If we check under “From” we can find the current owner of the Gamester:

If we click on the owner address we’ll see this page, then we simply click “View Address Page”:

If we go to the Token drop down menu and scroll to the bottom, we’ll see how many Genesis Apes (BAS_APES) and Arcas tokens (BAS_ARCAS) there are in this wallet (under ERC-721 Tokens). You get 1 Arcas token per Gamester for the Genesis mint. This means this wallet minted using 1 Gamester and got 3 Genesis Apes from it:

If we scroll down on Transactions, we’ll find the Genesis Mint transaction:

We click on that Txn Hash to see the details and click on Logs (top left):

Now if you scroll down you’ll find the Genesis Mint contract address:


And the Gamester used for the mint (_tokenid: 3163) with the Genesis Apes amount (_amount: 3)

Conclusion: Gamester #3163 with rarity 0.66 minted all available Genesis Apes (3).